Walkie Writey

At a Glance:

  • Uses existing classroom monitors to broadcast instructor work

  • Liberates the instructor from the front of the room

  • Suitable for large lecture halls or smaller classrooms equipped with monitors

  • Instructor can save material on boards and for later student review

  • Allows remote students to have the same experience as the f2f students

Hybrid classroom broadcasting system

The proliferation of large-screen projectors and monitors in the classroom has facilitated the integration of media into the curriculum, but up until now hadn’t enhanced the instructor’s ability to present to students. CIRC has recently developed a hybrid classroom broadcasting system that enables faculty to project onto these screens in real time from a tablet or similar device. Fondly known as the “walkie writey,” this system allows the instructor to roam the room interacting with students, while at the same working problems on the tablet. Students can watch this work as it unfolds on screens around the room as they listen to the lecture. When moving on to another problem, the instructor simply opens a new tab. All previous work is saved for later access so students can focus on the lecture instead of taking copious notes.


In addition, this system can be used to simulcast lectures into other classrooms by streaming the audio of the lecture along with the instructor’s work onto the monitors in the remote class. These distance learners would be able to watch the lecture at the same time as f2f students, and can even ask questions using the chat box function. Moreover, the same approach would allow individual students to participate in class from their home, dorm room, or similar setting.

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