Rutgers Paid Internship in Programming

We are looking for students who are keen working and gaining some programming experience this summer.   There are a variety of positions available and you encourage to apply for any or all positions that are of interested to you.  There will be


All positions require students to have at least taken CS111 and CS112 (data Structures) or equivalent classes.  The following is a brief description of the skill that you will be using while working. Some of them will be taught to you and hopefully some you will be already familiar with.


Machine Learning Student Intern (Data Science Focus)

  • Octave/Matlab Programming

  • Statistical programming and analysis

  • Understanding and building prediction models

  • Data cleaning and building training data sets


Student Web Developer

  • PHP/MySQL/CSS/Javascript

  • Familiarity with Drupal CMS Framework

  • Linux Server administration

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Cloud services


Student Java Developer (Front End Focus)

  • Programming using the Angular 2+ framework

  • Extensive Typescript training

  • Functional programming

  • State management (ngrx, rxjs)

  • Front stack development (html, scss)

  • Using service calls and APIs to retrieve data from database

Student Java Developer (Back End Focus)

  • String Manipulation

  • Inheritance

  • Understanding of abtract classes and interfaces

  • Manipulation of JSON objects

  • Using service calls and APIs to retrieve data from database


Student Mobile Application Developer (Augmented Reality Focus)

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