InClass Engagement App

Clicker replacement app that facilitates student/teacher interaction

At a Glance:

  • Facilitates student/teacher interaction in large lecture halls or active learning classrooms

  • Automatic and accurate attendance with no instructor intervention required

  • Polling and quiz functions generate data on student performance

  • Feedback mechanisms allow personalized responses to each student, regardless of class size

When they were introduced, clickers brought about significant improvements to student engagement and classroom management, especially in large lecture settings. The technology enabled faculty to take attendance in a fraction of the time and, more importantly, allowed them to poll the class on the material being presented. These advancements came at a cost, however, both to the students—who often bought several different brands over their academic career—and to faculty, who were constrained by the technology’s limitations.


CIRC’s InClass engagement app builds on the benefits of clickers and is free and multi-format, available in both mobile and web-based formats. When taking attendance, the app uses Bluetooth proximity beacons to ensure students are actually present (they can’t check from the hallway or even an adjacent classroom). And the app not only has polling functionality but can also be used to serve up multiple choice or open answer quizzes, provide personalized feedback to students based on their performance, and even crowdsource student questions and concerns.  In active learning settings, the InClass app will automatically manage group assignments and locations, allowing instructors to focus on teaching instead of classroom management.

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