Automated Peer Review System

User-friendly web-based platform for peer assessments

At a Glance:

  • Provides web-based platform for students to assess each other’s contributions

  • Eliminates need for instructors to perform data entry

  • Creates reports for quick-view or in-depth student assessment

  • Generates meaningful/actionable data about quality of student participation and leadership potential

"CIRC’s Peer Review system made it easy for students to provide anonymous feedback and grades to each other. The system was also customizable: I could opt to provide a portion of the grade for the assignment or leave the full grade up to the students. It made students less frustrated by group work because they knew that ultimately they would be able to indicate who’d really contributed to the assignment. "

-Rachel Kremen, Instructor, School of Communication & Information

Peer review is a crucial element of many academic programs, and is particularly important in classrooms that utilize active learning or team-based learning techniques. However, keeping track of group activities for an entire class can be a challenge to instructors due to the sheer volume of reviews that are generated over the course of a semester, as well as the difficulties of tying these assessments back to specific students.  And as class sizes go up, so does the effort required from the instructor.


To maximize the benefits of peer reviewing while minimizing the administrative burden, we created an automated system that allows faculty to assign groups quickly and with minimal instructor intervention. The system records student assessments directly from the class participants and automatically generates powerful reports on the individual student, group, and course levels.

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