Paperless Paper Grading

Paperless Paper Grading
  • Ability to immediate search, sort and grade student's paper exam/assignments

  • Remote grading option to allow for a asynchronous distributive grading system

  • Resolve issues with scheduling graders and meeting locations

At a Glance:

The goal of this project is to minimize the many issues instructor face when grading paper assignments/exam.  Some of these issues are:

  • Find a room to grade together.  Some classes have over 1400 students and finding a room to fit everyone along with the assignments/exams can be challenging.

  • Finding and scheduling graders.  Getting everyone in the same room means find a scheduled time that everyone can meet and grade.  Often you lose out on a lot of graders simply because scheduling is an issue

  • Returning assignments/exams.  Often exams are not return or return them takes up valuable class time.  An electronic grader allows not only the grading to be done online but also allows the return of these assignments with the push of a button.