Working a problem in an online video typically means materials created using screen capture tools such as Camtasia. Sometimes screen capture is the best answer, but it often isolates the instructor from the viewer, either only providing their narration or a limited presence through a picture-in-picture approach. Students have responded very positively to a more engaged instructor presence in these videos and research suggests that bringing the instructor into the video frame improves the effectiveness of the material. We are experimenting with tools such as the glass board to find better “visual recipes” that allow effective and easy video creation for online and hybrid courses.

  • Workout anything you want on the board without having to turn their back on your students.

  • Allows the students to still see the instructor speaking while he/she works out a problem on the board.



  • Who has access to this project?

    Anyone who is interested in creating content with this board is welcome to use the facilities.  We have a great team to help onboard and help coordinate making videos

  • How long does it take to make the video?

    The actual shooting of the video is fairly easy.  The editing portion and cleaning the audio can be done in a matter of minutes.  If you come in, you  can have a video ready the same day though we usually prefer not to leave anything to the last minute

  • Can I have a multiboard setup?

We are currently constructing a new version of the board that will allow instructors to have multiple boards

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